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Watches North Edge ALPS: A combination of perfection, performance and elegance.

In a world where time controls everything, North Edge ALPS delivers a watch that not only measures time, but also takes your style and functionality to a new level. For those who refuse to compromise between function and design, we present the perfect companion for everyday adventures.

Main functions:

  • Carbon fibre case: not only gives the watch an exceptional look, but also offers lightness and shock resistance.
  • Stopwatch: precise timekeeping for perfect timing.
  • Pedometer: monitor your steps and stay fit.
  • Pace measurement: maintain your pace regardless of your activities.
  • Calendar: clarity for your daily planning.
  • 12/24 hours: Switch between 12 and 24 hour format.
  • Compass: navigate with confidence anywhere in the world.
  • Display backlight: Brightness at any time of day.
  • Low battery reminder: always know when it's time to replace. Lasting up to 3 years.
  • Waterproof 50M: For daring adventures on land and underwater.
  • Countdown: perfect for planning and efficiency.
  • Alarm function: Start your day on time.

Product parameters:

  • Lunette: high quality metal.
  • Housing: carbon fibre combination for lightness and durability.
  • The strap: Durable and very comfortable nylon that lasts.
  • Bottom cover: Stainless steel for long-term durability.
  • Display: Bright and clear display thanks to FSTN screen.
  • Battery: CR2430, for long lasting durability.
  • Strap width: 24mm, for a comfortable fit.
  • Net weight: 49g lightweight for all day comfort.

Watch body made of CARBON:

  • 6 times lighter than steel
  • 3 times lighter than titanium
  • strong and durable
  • metal-free, hypoallergenic, antimagnetic
  • strong chemical resistance
  • ultra low thermal expansion, waterproof, sweat resistant

North Edge ALPS watch outdoor and sports watches (4)

Coal fibre sleeve
This case is made of highly durable carbon fiber, a material known for its lightness and strength. It brings both elegance and shock resistance, ensuring your watch looks new even after years of wear.

This feature allows you to measure time intervals with precision, making it ideal for athletes or everyday tasks.

Integrated pedometer tracks your steps, helps you reach your fitness goals and motivates you to move.

Pace measurement
Allows you to set your pace while running or walking and keeps your pace consistent.

Calendar in a watch for easy planning and reminders of events.

12/24 hours
Offers the flexibility to display the time according to your preference, whether you are used to the military or civilian format.

Precise built-in compass lets you navigate unfamiliar terrain, ideal for hiking or travel.

Display backlight
Guarantees that the display is always bright and legible, even in absolute darkness.

Low Battery Reminder
This feature alerts you in time when it's time to change the battery so your watch never stops.

Water resistance 50M
Thanks to this feature you can swim, dive or just shower without worrying about damaging your watch.

Set the time and see how fast you are approaching your important deadline or event.

Alarm function
With several different alarms, you can start your day on time and never miss important moments.

This metal edge gives the watch a luxurious look while protecting the screen from scratches.

Carbon fibre composite offers not only great looks but also incredible resistance to external influences.

Made from durable nylon, this strap ensures comfort no matter how busy your day gets.

Bottom cover
High quality stainless steel ensures that the internal mechanism is protected from water and dust.

The FSTN screen provides a crisp, clear display of information wherever you are.

 battery is known for its long life, ensuring that the watch will run for years without needing to be replaced.

Strap width
24mm width is ideal for most wrists, ensuring comfort and style.

Net weight
Weighing just 49g, this watch offers lightness and comfort for everyday wear.


For those looking for a watch that combines the best of traditional design and modern technology, the North Edge ALPS is the only choice. Don't wait - time is precious and your ideal watch is waiting for you.

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Additional parameters

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