Collection: Elegant & City

They can not only handle all sporting challenges, but also a normal working day in the city. Models elegant & City watches are the ideal fashion accessory that turns into a trainer on your wrist in seconds. Head straight from the office to the gym and rely on a watch that won't miss a single step. We offer watch models in both women'sand men's versions.

The North Edge Elegant & City watch features advanced notifications so you don't miss a single message or email while you workout, an activity monitor, sports modes that safely know what activity you're doing, and outdoor features for outdoor adventures. They are perfect for busy city life, where they bring a regular dose of healthy exercise.

Common Features North Edge Elegant & City

Time functions
Don't miss a single appointment or training session thanks to the accurate date and time display and regular synchronisation. You can pair the North Edge watch with your phone via bluetooth and also use the calendar options.

Advanced notifications
Whether you're waiting for an important call or just don't want to miss any social media posts, the clear notifications on North Edge keep you in the loop. The watch not only keeps you informed about calls and texts, but also about incoming emails, messages from FaceBook, WhatsApp, Wechat, Snapchat, Skype or Instagram.

Daily activity monitor
Every step closer to the goal. The North Edge watch is equipped with a daily activity monitor that records not only steps, but also calories burned, distance walked and heart rate. In addition, the smartwatch North Edge has an app where you can collect and evaluate data about your sporting achievements.

Elegant body and display
A watch North Edge will be the envy of everyone. An elegant metal body with refined details, a clear display with tempered glass and a highly comfortable strap make the North Edge watch the perfect fashion accessory that is also your most rigorous trainer. Head out of work for a run in the park and don't delay in changing your watch, your North Edge watch is ready!

Mobile camera remote shutter release
No more self-timer and poor photo results when trying in vain to take a picture with a bunch of friends. In fact, most North Edge watches are equipped with a mobile camera shutter. Just pair it with your phone via bluetooth, which you place in a holder or otherwise lean against, stand in the shot, and press a single button on the watch. Every outing, party with friends and coffee with your partner can be immortalised at the click of a button.

Wrist music player
Music and movement are inseparable. Your sports playlist is guaranteed to motivate you when you can't, or kick you into gear when you're running low on energy. The North Edge watch brings you the ability to control your playlist directly from its display. Switch songs, change playlists and control volume right on your wrist. Some models also have their own memory that can store up to several dozen songs, so you can leave your phone at home.