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The APACHE 46, it's a watch for the uncomfortable. They have time functions, weather forecasts, an accurate altimeter, barometer and even a compass. Thanks to the quality of the materials used, they are also highly durable and waterproof to a depth of up to 50 metres. The integrated pedometer records your every step and counts calories burned.


  • They have an altimeter, barometer and compass
  • Daily activity monitor records steps and calories
  • Integrated thermometer and accurate weather forecast
  • Waterproof to a depth of up to 50 metres
  • Made of durable materials


Differences between APACHE Series 3 and APACHE 46

Durable backlit display
The display of the NORTH EDGE APACHE 46 has a diameter of 46 mm, which is sufficient to display all important information. In addition to the time display, it shows the values measured by the pedometer, temperature and other values of the selected functions. Thanks to the backlighting, you won't lose sight even in the darkest of darkness. For increased durability, the display is covered with tempered glass.

Quality and durability first
As soon as you pick up the APACHE 46, it's immediately clear that only the finest materials have been used. The holster is made of black stainless steel in a non-slip finish. The watch strap is made of high-strength and durable rubber, which is comfortable to wear, quick-drying and retains its quality and color for a long time.

Local and world time
In addition to the date and time in the current location, the NORTH EDGE APACHE 46 also shows the world time, which is especially appreciated by avid travellers. They also have an alarm, countdown timer and stopwatch. Plus, the weather forecast function lets you see what temperatures you can expect in the coming days.

Because every step counts
The APACHE 46 is ideal for all sports enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. Among other things, they have a built-in pedometer that records every step of your journey. In addition to steps, the watch also counts the distance you've walked and the calories you've burned.

Never in the wrong direction
Every traveller knows that the journey is the destination. With the NORTH EDGE APACHE 46, every journey will be not only adventurous but also safe. Thanks to the built-in digital compass, you'll always know where you are and which direction to take.

For hiking and climbing expeditions
If adventure is in your blood, the APACHE 46 is the right partner for every journey. In addition to the compass, they are also equipped with an altimeter and barometer, which you can use during mountain hikesclimbing expeditions and longer trips into the countryside. You can track altitude, rate of climb, air pressure and more on your watch's display.

The weather won't surprise you anymore
There is no bad weather, only bad equipment. With the APACHE 46, you'll never regret hiking in bad weather again. The watch features a digital thermometer that continuously measures the ambient temperature, as well as a highly accurate weather forecast that lets you know exactly when to take shelter from the midday sun or heavy rain.


What are the types of tape on North Edge Apache 46?
In our offer you can find North Edge Apache 46 watches with nylon or rubber strap.

What battery does the North Edge Apache 46 watch use?
The watch uses a CR2032 battery.

Is the North Edge Apache 46 compatible with mobile phones?
No, the watch does not have functionality to connect to mobile phones.

Does the watch North Edge have an Apache 46 stopwatch?
Yes, the watch has a stopwatch and timer function.

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