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Watch North Edge CrossFit 3: The ideal combination of sport and work for an active lifestyle. This multi-functional watch offers health tracking, workout modes, GPS navigation and other smart features for your everyday life. They can measure heart rate, altitude profile, barometer and bring convenient control of music or notifications from your phone. North Edge CrossFit 3 is your reliable partner for sport and work.


  • GPS tracking
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Barometer, altimeter and compass
  • Fast charging function
  • Music player
  • Sleep mode
  • Intuitive application
  • Stylish design

A wide range of features
North Edge The CrossFit 3 offers a diverse range of features for sport, work and everyday life, including heart rate monitoring, sports modes, GPS navigation, phone notifications and more, allowing you to use it for many different purposes. This watch will help you optimize your time and streamline your routine.

Automatic sport activity detection
The watch intelligently detects which sport you're playing and automatically activates the appropriate sport mode, giving you accurate tracking of your workouts, sports habits and performance. This approach allows you to focus on your sporting goals without the need for manual adjustments.

Monitor your health and sleep quality
With integrated features such as heart rate and sleep monitoring, the watch helps you monitor and improve your health, sleep quality and overall well-being. This information will provide you with the basis for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing health problems.

GPS navigation and route planning
With the built-in GPS module and digital compass, you can easily plan routes for outdoor activities, track your location in real time and never get lost while hiking or biking. This feature is invaluable for nature lovers and adventurers who love to explore new places.

Music player for motivation during sports
Control the music on your phone directly from your watch and enjoy your favourite playlist during your workout to give you energy, motivation and improve your mood. Music can help you overcome physical and mental barriers and achieve better results in your sporting endeavours.

Waterproof and Shockproof
North Edge CrossFit 3 is designed to withstand water, shock and a variety of weather conditions, making it the ideal companion for everyday use, demanding sports activities and outdoor adventures. Thanks to these features, you don't have to worry about damaging your watch during strenuous activities or adverse weather conditions.

Compatibility with smartphones
The CrossFit 3 watch can be easily paired with your smartphone, allowing you to receive notifications of incoming calls, text messages, emails and chat app messages. This compatibility allows you to stay in touch with the world and always be informed of important events without having to constantly check your phone.

Weather forecast and climate information
With the weather forecast function, you'll always have an overview of the current weather, temperature, humidity and other climatic conditions, helping you to better plan your activities and prepare for different conditions. This feature can save you time and frustration from unexpected weather changes.

Stylish design and choice of materials
The North Edge CrossFit 3 watch combines modern design with quality materials to ensure long life and wearing comfort. With a wide range of colours and styles, you can choose the watch that best suits your taste and personal style.

Battery life and rechargeability
The CrossFit 3 watch has a high capacity battery that guarantees a long battery life per charge, allowing you to use the watch without the need for frequent charging. In addition, the watch can be easily charged using the magnetic charging cable, which adds to the overall user convenience.



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