Collection: Outdoor & Sport

Sports and outdoor watches North Edge is a watch made for the harshest conditions. It combines versatile sports functions with elegant design and offers a wide range of uses. In the category of Outdoor & Sport you will find watch models especially suitable for sportsmen and adventurers who are not afraid to go to the limit. The watches are also divided into women's men's.

Common features of North Edge outdoor & sport

Battery life on a single charge

Don't waste time constantly charging. Most watch models North Edge outdoor and sportexcept smartwatchesoffer several weeks to months of battery life on a single charge. Make the most of your watch and leave charging to the last minute. Stand-by mode also offers you even longer battery life.

Sports functions and modes
Every step, every kilometer, every progress. Enjoy the freedom of movement for movement's sake and leave the counting to the watch. The North Edge watch records steps, distance walked, calories burned and, thanks to advanced sports modes, safely detects your activity and adapts monitoring.

Dust and water resistance
The best for your every busy day. Women's and men's North Edge watches are ready for the harshest conditions, so you don't have to worry about submerging them in water or taking them on a difficult hike. With water and dust resistance, reliable materials and shock resistance, the watch is ready for any challenge.

Altimeter, barometer and compass
The best is waiting for you beyond your limits. Most models of North Edge watches are also equipped with an altimeter, barometer and compass to help you navigate. Go on an adventure with a watch that knows your direction.

Daily activity and heart rate monitor
Keep track of your every move. Thanks to the 3D precision daily activity monitor in the North Edge watch, you won't miss a single kilometre. The watch records not only distance, but also steps, calories and some models also measure your heart rate and blood pressure.